I love aloevera gel because you can use it for so many different things - you can drink aloe juice to benefit your digestive tract: you can put aloe vera on burns, cuts, bites and stings: you can wash your hair and teeth and face with aloe: you can put aloevera gel on chapped lips, cold sores, athletes foot, oh and SO much more!

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Monday, 16 August 2010

Aloe Product Tips

These aloe vera product tips are based on ways I personally use these aloe vera products, and I thought you may find them useful too! NB The tips only apply to this brand of aloe vera i.e. Forever Living. Always consult your doctor if you have a medical condition.

Apart from the obvious use for this product, I also swallow a little if I get a sore throat. The combination of the aloe and the propolis just seem to do the trick. Please note; it can be very dangerous to swallow regular toothgel due to the fluoride content.

I also use it to clean silver jewelry. It’s non-abrasive so doesn’t scratch and the silver looks amazing afterwards! Strange but true!

ALOE MPD (multi-purpose detergent)
I not only use this for cleaning dishes and surfaces and the bathroom; I also use it as screenwash in my car - you only need a TINY amount as it’s so concentrated. I also clean the car with it and use it on the carpets.

I take this before doing any kind of exercise as I can then keep going without feeling exhausted. So, before I go mountain biking or skiing or doing martial arts I chew a few! If you have a hectic job or family life, running after the kids, you may find it useful. Hubby a bit tired in the evenings? .......

Ok, this is really for the guys after they shave, but I tell you something - it’s amazing on the legs ladies, after shaving! They feel incredibly silky and the scent is gorgeous!

I have one of these in every hand bag and pocket!
That’s partly because I’m a lip-salve addict (!) and these are very moisturizing, but also because they are so handy as a first aid stick for minor things like paper cuts, stings etc.

This was really intended as a skin product but because it’s so pure we call it the eyes, ears, nose and throat doctor as I use it for eye infections (diluted 50/50with purified water), blocked sinuses, earache or other ear problems, and you can gargle with it for throat problems, although I prefer to swallow the tooth gel for a sore throat. 

I put one of these tubes in the fridge and dab a little under my eyes if they are tired, puffy or for dark circles. I put it on at night usually as a preventative measure!


This is one of the supplements that Forever do. It a high potency fish oil product, importantly from OILY FISH (unlike cod-liver oil!) from the ARCTIC SEA (as opposed to oceans full of pollution!).
Now, most people take this for their joints or to lower cholestrol, but I take it for CONCENTRATION. My mind just flits about otherwise and I find it difficult to focus and get things done. So, this is one of my top favorite products. I SO notice the difference if I don’t take it. Quite scary actually.

Here’s another interesting use for it that I discovered recently - for varicose veins. My friend has had CHRONIC varicose veins in one leg for decades. She was told they were too far gone to operate on (and anyway her friends who have had that op said the veins just come right back some time later).

She took 2 of the arctic sea three times a day (not a cheap product but hey, if it works...) She also rubbed on, gently, the Forever Aloe MSM Gel and took Lecithin (from the health shop).

After just weeks she proudly showed me her bad leg. The first shock for me was that her leg was no longer black, green and purple from the ankle right up her calf. It was white. But on top of that no bulging veins. No exaggeration, I have never seen such a result, in 15 years of using these products. I thought she was mistakenly showing me the wrong leg. So I made her show me both... To say she is over the moon is an understatement.

Now, there’s no saying whether these 3 products would have the same effect on others, but I had to share that with you just in case.

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