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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

My Favorite Aloe Products

I love all the Forever aloe products but thought I’d share my top favorites here with you. These are in no particular order.

I use all the drinks at different times as it stops me getting bored of the taste! I have to put these as a favorite because they are the reason the IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) I used to suffer with, went.

I use a little of this on a loofah a couple of times a week head to toe for a wonderful exfoliation. I’ve tried others but this for me is by far the nicest. It’s also great as a bubble bath.

I like this purely for vanity reasons! It makes such a visible difference to my skin ( I use it on my face day and night) and actually DOES what most skin creams only promise.
I’d used all the main brands for years before using this and for me there’s no comparison. Cleopatra used aloe for her skin so that’s good enough for me!

My full facial regime is:
Exfoliate twice a week with the Aloe Scrub.
Splash on the Rehydrating toner.
Put on the R3 (a little goes a long way - the tube lasts ages).
Put on either the Firming foundation lotion or the moisture lotion or the aloe lotion (which is lighter than the moisture lotion). Stop Press: Now that the Forever Aloe Sonya skin range is available I use that as it's even better than the products just mentioned - more on this in a future post but you can find out more in my shop).

I’m always applying lip salve (it’s a bit of a problem really!) and I like this one because it’s much softer and more moisturising than others. It also doubles as a first aid stick which is handy, for insect bites, cuts, stings etc.

I like this because it’s non-abrasive. It seems to polish the teeth and leave them feeling so smooth. On the rare occasion I use a different brand my teeth feel yuk! (Technical term!)
It’s also good for the gums due to the high aloe content - my Mum’s dentist buys it for his customers by the box-load!

This is on my favourites list because it makes a big difference to my concentration levels. Without it I can’t focus on one subject for long. The added benefits are that it’s good for joints and cholestrol.
I use this product rather than other brands because it’s from the arctic sea oily fish, rather than from more polluted seas.

This is really a meal replacement shake, but I take it if I’m feeling unwell or a bit run-down. It just makes me feel better!
My friend’s son loves the chocolate one and that’s now his breakfast. It’s full of good nutrients and no bulking stuff so he’s really benefiting.


I (used to) get raging PMT so when Forever brought this product out everyone who knows me was pleased! I take it for just 10 days a month (prior to a period) and it has made a huge difference. In fact I realized how big a difference last month when I forgot to start taking it in time...
It’s ideal also for all the symptoms of the menopause.
A friend of mine said it got rid of ALL her menopause symptoms. (She reckoned she had about 12 symptoms!)
It’s been used in Peru for 2000 years for enhancing libido, maintaining stamina and preventing fatigue.

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