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Friday, 8 April 2011

Why Forever Aloe Vera?

Forever Aloe Vera.

When a friend of mine recommended Forever Aloe Vera Gel many years ago, I bought it, drank it and when I ran out I went to the health shop to get some more...

I didn't know that Forever don't sell their aloe products in shops, only through distributors working from home, so when I couldn't see the chubby yellow tub I simply bought another brand. Aloe is aloe, right? Well, the thing is, the aloe juice I bought from the shop was a different color from the Forever one. It was totally clear and was a very thin liquid like water. The one I had drunk previously in the yellow tub was a thicker texture like a fruit presse, and was a light golden color.

No matter I thought and took a swig. It tasted like water with a slight chemical after taste. To cut a long story short I ended up tipping it down the sink, which hurt as aloe isn't cheap! Since then I have only used Forever aloe vera.

I learned that they are the world leader for aloe vera. So, they really know what they are doing. They grow the plants naturally without the use of any chemicals. They only use aloe barbadensis miller, which is the most healing of all the different types of aloe plant.

They don't put the whole leaf into their aloe products - why would they, there is no goodness in the leaf. They only use the inner leaf gel. And it is this gel which is the MAIN INGREDIENT in ALL their aloe based products. They start with aloe, they don;t just add a few drops so they can put aloe on the label!

Aloe is a bit like an apple in that it starts to oxidize and deteriorate when the inner gel is exposed to air. Forever have a patented, NATURAL process to stop this happening so the gel is kept 100% fresh, potent and free of contamination.

I love the fact that Forever do everything to the highest possible standards, and want to bring the very best products to people all around the world.

They have been awarded the aloe science council seal of approval, the Kosher Rating, the Islamic seal of approval and PETA too.

And that's why I only use Forever aloe vera!

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