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Friday, 8 April 2011

Aloe Vera Juice Benefits?

Aloe vera juice benefits
I have been drinking aloe vera juice for over 15 years, so I can tell you from personal experience about the benefits. Did you know that aloe only actually works in 2 areas? These are 1.The skin and 2.The immune system.

That puzzled me at first because I know that people gain relief from many different types of problems with aloe. After learning more I realized that the skin not only covers the whole of the outside of our bodies, but it also lines our insides too! So, because so much of our body is skin, aloe can be used on a wide range of problems. It may be a digestive imbalance (the gut is lined with skin) or a mouth ulcer, or athletes foot or joint problems or eczema and so on. These are all skin or immune system based problems.

However you don’t need to wait till you have a problem to take advantage of all the aloe vera juice benefits! I believe in prevention – after all, why wait till you are ill to look after yourself? And don’t we all want to feel and look good? So, many people take aloe vera juice as a tonic – after all, it is naturally packed full with vitamins and minerals. It also gently cleans the digestive tract so you can then absorb the nutrients from your food better. If your gut is all clogged up, how can you stay healthy long term?

Aloe vera juice benefits for pain?
Aloe contains substances that are naturally pain killing and anti-inflammatory, so people with inflammatory conditions can greatly benefit. I like the fact that there are no unpleasant side effects, only good side effects – like increased energy and better hair, skin and nails!

Who wants great digestion? Aloe vera juice benefits the gut where it balances the various yeast and bacteria that live there.

Who wants good skin? Aloe vera juice benefits the skin by giving essential nutrients to the deepest skin cells that will be coming to the surface over the next 21 – 28 days. That’s why you should give aloe time before you judge the results. Nature has it’s own timescale and we should work with her!

The reason I only drink Forever aloe vera juice is because they are the world leader, they own the land the aloe plants grow on, they don't use herbicides or pesticides and importantly they stabilise their aloe naturally - aloe gel starts to go off and deteriorate as soon as it is exposed to air. If it isn't stabilized within 2 hours you end up with aloe that is not as fresh and potent as it should be. Also, Forever don't heat treat their aloe, they don't use the outer leaf in their products and they don't concentrate the aloe and then add liquid. They simply use the aloe as nature intended. I also like the fact they give an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee!

I hope that you have found this information about aloe vera juice benefits useful and interesting.

Aloe vera juice benefits.

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