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Saturday, 11 February 2012

How can I lose weight with aloe vera? This lady lost 2 stone in 5 weeks.

Before "I decided enough was enough! I had tried many weight-loss programmes since my second child was born, nearly six years ago, including expensive personal trainers. However, nothing shifted the weight and kept it off. I had been a constant yo-yo dieter and was fed up. I joined Forever as a Distributor in October 2010 and decided to give the Clean 9 a try. I stuck with it, moved onto the Nutri-Lean phases and began to use the body toning kit and went on to lose two stone in five weeks.
The first day of the Clean 9 was the hardest part, but as my body began to rid itself of toxins, I felt amazing after two days! I was on a natural high. I felt so full of energy and immediately saw results.
After Now I feel on top of the world. Its great being down to single figures on the scales again. (I haven’t had that for nine years). I have been on a shopping spree and bought my size 8 dresses as I am so thrilled that I have kept the weight off this time.
I now recommend the Nutri-Lean Programme to my friends and family, and love to be able to help others in their weight-loss goals."
— Debbie Nwangwa 

You can read more success stories here, and find out more about this natural weight loss program  (and see what people achieved in just 9 days!) www.ninedayslim.com

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