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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Aloe Body Wrap & Toning Kit

We all know how good body wraps can be for inch loss and helping the battle against cellulite - but it can be a bit expensive having regular wraps at a beauty clinic!

So, I thought you might like your own aloe body wrap kit which you can use in the comfort of your own home - and get rid of those inches when it suits you! It works out extremely well cost wise as the kit will do up to10 wraps (however the cling film in the kit will need to be replaced after 6 wraps).

What do you get in the kit?

 1. Aloe body toner.  This contains aloe and circulatory and warming agents and you use this with the cellophane wrap.
2. Aloe body conditioning creme. This is a thick, emollient cream which has European herbal extracts in it too. It can be used as a massage cream and a spot rub for the whole leg area and hips or for those parts of the body which shouldn't be wrapped (full instructions are included with the kit).
3. Aloe bath gelee.

4. Cellophane wrap.
5. Loofah mit.

The whole aloe body wrap kit is aimed at trimming, toning and tightening, minimising the lumpy texture of cellulite. It also helps to stimulate the circulation and cleanses the skin to shed extra inches.

As with all Forever's products it comes with a 60-day satisfacion or your money back guarantee!
You can buy it securely from my online shop: www.BestAloeStore.com

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