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Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Energy Drink

I've now tried the FAB energy drink myself - I don't usually need an energy drink because I already take loads of Forever's supplements and the aloe, but I got back from a weekend away at a wedding and felt wiped out tired! So, I opened a can and just had half of it before going out to see some customers.

Well, I can tell you it definitely works, I felt really good, very energized and 'bubbly.' I really like the fact it doesn't have caffeine in as I try and avoid that anyway. It tastes a bit like Lucozade (it's fizzy and quite sweet) but also a bit like Purdeys elixir. I really like the taste (unlike the aloe!).

I'm finding that people who do sports are really keen on it as it has such good ingredients and they like to stay healthy as possible, as do many of us!

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