I love aloevera gel because you can use it for so many different things - you can drink aloe juice to benefit your digestive tract: you can put aloe vera on burns, cuts, bites and stings: you can wash your hair and teeth and face with aloe: you can put aloevera gel on chapped lips, cold sores, athletes foot, oh and SO much more!

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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

What's your favorite aloe product?

It would be great to have your comments and stories about aloe - perhaps you were given some on holiday for sunburn? Maybe you have an aloe plant in your kitchen and use it for burns?

Do you use Forever's products and if so which are your fav's and why? I'm sure this will help others who don't have much experience with aloe yet, so thanks in advance for sharing your experiences...


  1. Is it safe to take Aloe Vera for Blood pressure, as well as being diabetic?
    How much qty should be taken and can it be taken twice

  2. Hi! Its always best to check with your doctor first before taking any new product if you have health conditions. However aloe (I am only commenting on Forever's yellow tub of aloe gel drink) may have a beneficial effect on blood pressure and diabetes - so its very important to closely monitor your blood sugar levels if you are on medication for your diabetes as the aloe may cause an improvement in blood sugar levels. Its also important to monitor your blood pressure if you are on medication for the same reason.
    I hope that helps,

  3. PS The typical dosage for the aloe drink mentioned is 2-4fl oz daily and this can be split into 2 doses, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. You can however take just a teaspoon a day and slowly increase this - again, make sure you get your doctors advice if you have health problems.